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Instrumental Sad Background Music №1 Instrumental Sad Background Music №1
Sad Piano Background Music with Drums - №3 Sad Piano Background Music with Drums - №3
Sad Background Violin Music - №4 Sad Background Violin Music - №4

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Sad Background Music With No Words №5 Sad Background Music With No Words №5
Sad Background Copyright Free Music №6 Sad Background Copyright Free Music №6
Epic Sad Background Music №7 Epic Sad Background Music №7
Classical Sad Background Instrumental Music №8 Classical Sad Background Instrumental Music №8
Romantic Violin Sad Music №9 Romantic Violin Sad Music №9
Royalty Free Sad Piano Music №10 Royalty Free Sad Piano Music №10

Sad Background Music from Tuneting<br />

If you’re looking around for sad background music, then you’ve come to the right place, as we have plenty of heart-wrenching tunes that you can use for a project of your own. As you can see from our free samples, we have a wide selection of sad tracks that can apply to any situation.

We aim to create the best source of royalty free sad background music, which ensures that you will save money in the long run. Royalty free music also gives you the peace of mind that you don’t owe anyone any money that you make off of a project or video, making it perfect for content creators.

Our Sad Background Music

We have curated a selection of the best background music for plenty of different applications. Each of the tracks that we have selected has been picked due to its quality but also how it doesn’t draw away the listener’s attention too much which is key for instrumental background tracks.

You can select from various sad tracks, and if you have a preferred instrument, then we can cater to your needs. For example, some of our most popular songs are in the royalty-free sad piano music category, as everyone can connect with a touching piano riff.

However, no sad music collection would be complete without the violin, and you’ll be able to choose from tracks in our sad violin music free download category. Of course, our samples are all free so that you can get an idea of what you’re buying, but our full tracks are all available for a reasonable price.

We have sad music that is perfect for romantic videos, and our songs without words are perfect for conveying the feeling that you get when you’re with someone special. Melancholic emotions will be palpable in our sad background music, but it won’t overpower the listener.

Potential Uses for Our Sad Music

There are plenty of ways that you can take advantage of our copyright free sad background music, depending on where your skills lie. For example, content creators can use our epic music for YouTube videos, adding a palpable sense of emotion to their clips.

Sad music for Youtube is always in demand, but it has to be of sufficient quality to have an emotional impact on the viewer. Poorly-composed sad music will simply fall flat of its goal of evoking a feeling in the person watching, which is why you’ll need the best sad music for YouTube.

How We Make Our Sad Background Music

Plenty of our visitors wonder about the process behind our sad background instrumental music, and we’ll outline each step that goes into making sure that you get the best tracks. First off, we select from the best instrumentals from all kinds of instruments, including guitar, piano, drums, and more.

Once we have our first pool of sad music instrumentals to choose from, we can further narrow down the songs to the top quality choices. Through this process of elimination, we can create the best catalog of emotional tracks for download.

Our sad background music for video creators is equally at home on YouTube as well as any other content creation platform. Each of our tracks is fully legal, so you won’t always have to be on the lookout for DMCA notices and other issues that can cut into your profits.

When you choose your background track, you’ll also be able to select the type of encoding so that you can get the best quality for your needs. We offer each of our background tracks in both mp3 and .wav formats, ensuring that all of our buyers can be satisfied with either compression or quality.